Tips for a carefree mother

Happy bath without tears

Splashing, Splatter, babbling, cooing and laughter .... It should be a special treat for both baby and parents because, in addition to mutual pleasure of swimming in the evening relaxes and soothes baby's bedtime.


However, despite the baby's restless enthusiasm drops of water too long bathing dries the skin and often various preparations irritate sensitive baby's eyes and cause tears. Therefore Becollino sure that nourishes baby's skin in the right way, that swimming does not lead to drying and flaking of the skin, a special formulation without tears do not permit children weeping and despair of parents.


Becollino products provide extra hydration, leaving a feeling clean and smooth skin. Newborn, it is necessary to bathe each day, and the warm water whose temperature is 37 ° C, and the temperature of the body. The ritual begins by gently wetting the baby's skin from the head down. Then follows the shampoo and gently swimming, and finally rinse the same order. It is especially important that the skin is well washed and rinsed in the folds. Baby Skin dries towel and gently patting the skin.


Many mothers avoid bathe their babies until they waste umbilical cord. However, the baby and in these first days of life should be to swim and holding it over the forearm in a diaper over the navel. While the umbilical cord does not dry out and do not waste, newborn should nurse Cup. Later, the baby of the pile lying on his back with heads raised and resting on her mother's arm. When the bath is over, the navel should overwrite sterile gauze and povidone iodine two to three times and again it wrapped sterile gauze


After a few days of birth, the baby's skin can be washed with soap. Use soap aims to remove debris from the skin's surface, be it on foreign particles such as dust, or skin products. Also, washing prevents the growth of bacteria. Tests have proven to be the best for your baby's skin neutral soaps colorless and odorless.


How to prevent cradle cap?

Cradle cap is a common problem on the scalp baby. It represents the mass, often layered deposits on the baby's scalp. Cradle cap is prevented by regular, daily bathing and shampooing gently strokes.


Also, to prevent the occurrence of cradle cap, regardless of whether the baby's topics already covered by her hair or not, and what needs to be combed, and after each swim. It is best to do small, a special comb or brush for babies Bristle, twice a day, morning and evening.


If it comes to the formation of cradle cap, the procedure is the same as when the topic quite clear: regular bathing and shampooing your baby's head and the entire body. Regardless of the thickness and surface of the baby's cradle cap on his head, that part may be soaked with baby oil, preferably in the evening to the next day it all cleaned their baby shampoo.


Protect your baby's skin, avoid rashes and sore spots

Almost all babies from time to time develop a rash, particularly in the nappy. The rash does not always looks the same, but if the skin looks irritated and red, chances are that it has. The skin can be sensitive and hot to the touch. Diaper rash can sometimes be barely noticeable, only a few red dots on a small area of the body, and sometimes it is quite prevalent, with red seals that spread to the baby's tummy or thighs. No need to panic, because it is dealing with diaper rash, a common part of the baby's care, especially in the first year.


The rash caused by many factors. The most common cause of irritation and infection of the skin caused by humidity. Even diapers with the highest absorbency leave a feeling of humidity on the baby's gentle skin a moist and warm landscape, perfectly suited to the bacteria, but it leads to rashes, especially in the folds of the skin. Friction and novel food (usually when the baby yarn and solid food), can also be the cause of irritation.


The best defense against dry skin rashes and regularly changing diapers. Every time you change your baby, before putting on a new diaper, wash your skin with mild baby soap, wipe and does not rub the skin when Dry but gently pat. When you change your baby, let it at least 15 minutes is free diapers. In such a liberated baby's skin may heal faster that many rashes. This process is called air bath, because the air there is a body of work that is still protected by a diaper.


The attrition rate of the lens by applying a cream with natural oils, as well as medicinal ointments which usually contain zinc oxide. Do not forget to put some creases and because a baby's skin can not in these places get infected. Baby's skin and you sprinkle a thin layer of baby powder, but on condition that the skin is completely dry otherwise the talk can accumulate in the folds, which is enough for additional stimulus. Do not over-tighten the diaper, that would be enough space for air circulation.


What are sulfates?

Sulphates are strong detergents obtained on the basis of mineral salts containing sulphur. They are surface-active agents - molecules of which a part of the attracted water and the other an oil.

The conventional wisdom is that the hair and skin thoroughly clean only if the right products make abundant foam. This is true in part because the foam has the ability to lift the dirt from the surface, but its creation, are responsible in fact sulphates in most shampoos and detergents.

When it comes to production of these funds are used sulphates, and because they are quite cheap. The result is a shampoo at a lower price, with good penny.

It is clear from the above that it is much more expensive to produce sulphate-free, and therefore the market much easier to find the funds for the care of skin and hair with sulphates.


Then why is not recommended to use shampoos with sulphates?


Because they act aggressively on the hair and scalp, removing its natural depletion and humidity, oils, proteins with hair. The hair eventually becomes brittle, dry, dull, and often comes to its decline.

Although for sulphates the opinion is that "good wash" , they actually removing natural skin oils, lead to the fact that the skin is due to lack of oil, sebum secreted more to protect themselves, which is a piece of fat all over. This resulted in a mass theme, a dry and brittle hair to the ends.


Why are they better for hair shampoos without sulphate?

Because they contain mild surfactants and therefore, everything we talked about earlier is the opposite: no aggressive action, damage to natural depletion of skin and hair and therefore the hair's natural environment is preserved, and she herself healthier. They are also the reasons why are recommended for people with sensitive skin, and these are usually children..


What are parabens?

Parabens are chemicals that are often referred to in recent times. They can be found in many cosmetic products, food, medicines, pharmaceutical products, and not just shampoo.


Many of us are not sure what exactly ... parabens?


Parabens are actually substances that serve to conserve, preserve the product, its texture and smell, because it does not allow microorganisms to multiply, so each product with parabens longer.


So what is it that bad?


So the very fact that the world has long debated about their harmful effects on reproductive health, endocrine system and the secretion of hormones and organic processes in the body.


There are even works on the theme of toxicology, speaking about the impact of parabens in the development of breast cancer, skin, etc., the development of cosmetic dermatitis, skin irritation, which is associated with the accumulation of parabens in the body caused by years of implementation of the various products that contain them.


As children are concerned, the situation is particularly specific, because children under 3 years of age, have a strong permeability of the skin and underdeveloped immune system of the skin. Therefore, in Europe began to positive initiatives ban parabens in cosmetics for children under 3 years of age, and various consumer associations are very active even in lobbying regulations against the use of parabens. Best example of Denmark, which is such a regulation has long been introduced, and it is believed that it will soon vote and France.


Baby massage - relaxation and relief from spasms

If the baby is fed and dry, and still crying, what it needs, it is likely to touch. This is especially important in the first months of life when heard through others, because of their underdevelopment, not able to communicate. Touch is essential for normal development of the child, but in practice has shown that with regular therapeutic massage, children are gaining weight and mature faster.


Massage is one of the oldest therapeutic agents to mitigate the problems. Today, because of the exceptional positive effects in improving health, applied in children, but also very small baby. In many Eastern cultures, massage is an integral part of the daily care of children, and in some countries such as Russia and Kazakhstan, there is an obligation to parents every three months to bring children on a massage within the mandatory health care.


Regular use of massage, it is noticed that the baby fall asleep faster, better eating, and very often relieves cramps or substantially alleviates.

Through massage parents achieve better communication with the child and thus set a good basis for parent-child relationship, especially dads who need it far more difficult than the mother, who was carrying a baby nine months in the womb.

With a massage can begin immediately after childbirth, without any fear and it will even baby help a lot in getting used to the new environment. In the first weeks, several procedures can be performed for 2-3 minutes and after the end of the month and the whole program lasting 10-15 minutes.


The best time to perform a massage when the baby is in the mood. That could be half an hour after eating the baby because of hunger would not be disturbed and that after massage followed by swimming to completely abandoned. These are recommendations that can not be kept at all costs. Over time, through experience, that parent can I identify the ideal time to massage your baby.


The room in which it is massage should be well warmed up, because the massage does not work through clothing, a hand of the person doing the massage must be hot. Massage should use milk or baby oil in such a way that the preparation put on the palms. Pressure arms should not be too strong, because the baby will cry, but not too weak because it's just a tickle.


It is good to start massaging the chest, because the baby is facing the person who massaged thus providing a sense of security that allows the baby to be relaxed, and at the same time the person who massaged by the look on her face can assess whether the pressure and the pace at which works fine .


Massage in addition to the relaxing effect of the stilling and positive effect on digestion, strengthens the immune system, and the baby becomes more resilient and less sick. Regular massage is achieved by the removal of toxins. Muscles and joints become more flexible, allowing for proper motor development. The skin is massaged babies that will be healthier and brighter with better tone, and the skin over the established and better circulation.


Baby massage positively affects the parents, allowing them better contact with the baby, increasing the feeling of security and strengthen their self-confidence, which will result in higher quality child - parent relationship. When you overcome the fear and insecurity and the baby get used to the new activity, moments massage becomes a real pleasure for all.


Care baby's skin

Leather baby is much thinner than adult skin, and that it could successfully perform their primary role, which is to protect the organism against external risks, it needs regular care and quality. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the selection of products for skin.


Baby Skin Care is needed not only for cosmetic reasons (that the skin does not tee), but also from medical and as such would not be exposed to increased activity of microorganisms.


Especially during the winter, it is specifically nurture your baby's skin. Cold and dry air, wind and low temperatures, irritate the delicate skin of your little one. Sudden temperature difference at home and outside, do not threaten the delicate baby's skin, and therefore in this period often have problems. Therefore, it is necessary to pay special attention to skin care face, hands and lips of children.


If your skin looks good, but quickly absorbed body milk and requires the use of creams or ointments, means that the child skin is dry and that she should be compensated humidity. It is best that the baby immediately after showering apply the body lotion or cream, because the skin is best absorbed. Due to the extreme sensitivity of their skin, it is necessary to choose a natural product with no substances that could be potential allergens, and that means no artificial fragrances and mineral oils (paraffin) and no propylene glycol. In addition and preparations containing lanolin, can potentially cause allergic. It would do well to products that you choose for your baby, even a little older children, and themselves have cocoa butter, shea butter and natural waxes, which maintain skin moisture. The compositions should not contain natural vegetable oils, such as grape seed oil , olive oil, calendula oil, then a variety of plant extracts, and essential oils. For children are the best oils of chamomile, calendula and lavender friendly. On evening, before sleeping is preferred baby massage with aromatic oils. In addition to the child is relaxed, natural oils increase the hydration of the skin and protect it from drying out.